About CADD

How Can CADD Benefit You?

CADD offers a continuum of structured courses in fundamental areas of digital practice. It is aimed at the higher educational needs of general and specialist dentists who have or are about to introduce digital dentistry into their practices or are wishing to expand on their existing knowledge and skills.

Collectively CADD delivers an understanding of the essential requirements to provide predictable, precise and productive evidence-based digital dentistry in the subfields of restorative, prosthodontics, surgical implantology, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

CADD is built on the 4 tenets of:

  • Proficiency – Instil the knowledge and clinical skill set to proficiently introduce and practice digital dentistry at the highest standards.
  • Precision – Harness the scope of digital practice for providing dentistry with precision.
  • Predictability – Implement the core principles of digital dentistry to provide consistent and predictable outcomes.
  • Productivity – By executing the tenets of Proficiency, Precision and Predictability you will affect a truly productive practice.
about clinical academy of digital dentistry


The ultimate purpose of CADD is to train dentists at being exceptional in providing the best outcomes for their patients. In doing so, CADD aims to provide a solid evidence-based foundation in the latest theory and clinical practice of digital dentistry in the use of CAD software, intra oral scanning, dental milling, 3D CBCT radiographs and 3D printing.

Attendees will become theoretically and clinically proficient in delivering precise and predictable outcomes for their community. At each stage attendees will be evaluated to assess competence.

The programme aims to:

  • Showcase the benefit of 3Shape’s digital dental suite.
  • Assist with hands-on training and live patient training.
  • Create a community for personal and professional development
  • Provide the latest evidence-based research in digital dentistry
  • Assist in helping you promote digital dentistry as an effective and practical method of treating patients
  • Evaluate levels of competency throughout the program – Attendance alone does not guarantee certification of completion or competence.