Experience the Power of Digital Dentistry

The Clinical Academy of Digital Dentistry is a comprehensive evidence-based training academy with industry endorsed certification of competence. It’s never too soon or late to commit to digital excellence and take control of your clinical practice.

Founded by Dr Kasen Somana, CADD is the first 3Shape focused and recognised academy that brings together digital dentistry experts from the clinical, laboratory and industry disciplines.


Over the last 20 years there has been an exponential development in technological advances in dentistry. However, a gap in the theoretical, practical and clinical implementation has developed. Clinicians are left to discover how to improve their digital practice and clinical outcomes through experimentation and much frustration.

Recognising these challenges, the Clinical Academy of Digital Dentistry was founded to assist with:

  • Integration and establishment of a digital practice
  • Hands-on clinical training
  • Hands-on software training
  • Staff training
  • Patient awareness and understanding
  • Treatment planning and case presentation
  • Manufacturing of crowns/inlays/onlays/veneers, clear aligners, study models
  • Material selection and choice
  • How to choose and use 3D printers
  • How to choose and use milling machines

CADD in partnership with 3Shape has been developed to provide maximum benefit to you and your practice. The CADD courses are structured to assist you to fully integrate digital dentistry into your practice.

CADD is founded by Dr Kasen Somana, a fastidious and passionate dentist wanting to share his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for beautiful and precise dentistry. Bringing together like-minded professionals and key industry leaders CADD wants to help you achieve exceptional through intensive theoretical and practical hands-on training.

If you are passionate about dentistry, want to learn a simplified digital workflow, want to control the quality of your dentistry, want to improve your patient satisfaction and at the same time improve productivity, CADD is for you.

Digital Dentistry is no longer the future- it is the now.